Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fresh Air

During the summer days we often keep our windows open to let the fresh air in. The gentle flow of air on the room creates a cool and relaxed ambiance. Sleep comes automatically in such an environment. So keeping the windows open in the summer, just a little bit also is now a habit among many.

Often people live in places where they experience all the four seasons in their extremity. In some people there are cases of insomnia because of the season also. This is very particular during the long winter days. Some attribute this because of lesser amount of sunlight which also causes a kind of depression on people.

Whatever be the cause – the season or some other physical defects. One sure shot solution to the problem of insomnia is Fresh air.

During winters our houses are closed for most of the time. As a result of that the air inside the room do not get chance to go out or circulate thus get staled. So we are forced to breathe that staled air which creates a kind of suffocation and thus many people cannot sleep. Because we do not even dare to open or window or go for a walk in winters what happens in the end is that we toss and turn in our bed the whole night until the sun rises.

There are many things that you can do to escape from this situation. Some of them are mentioned below.

Firstly, You can take the help of an air purifier. Most of these air purifiers are portable and thus you can take them wherever you like. Like at nighttime you can keep the purifier in the bedroom and during daytime in the room wherever you are likely to spend most of the time. Air purifiers are easily available at hardware stores and also at many online retail outlets.

Secondly, the traditional ceiling fans can also help you. People most often think that the utility of a ceiling fan is only in the summers. But ceiling fan can also be used during winters so that there is better circulation of the air and the room does not get suffocated.

Thirdly the furnaces that you are using also help a lot in keeping you away from insomnia. Newer furnaces nowadays are designed in such a way that the keep the air in your home at a constant temperature. Also they keep the air very clean.

But above all this the best solution is natural air. So if you happen to live in a place where the winter temperatures are not too low, than you should keep your windows open during daytime for at least a few hours. So that, you breathe fresh air instead of that stale air every night.